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Goal-oriented instructions

By |2019-04-23T12:34:14+00:00April 30th, 2019|Practice Tips|

This within participant repeated measures study examined the effect of using goal-oriented instructions compared to a non-specific baseline instruction in stroke survivors. The participants did the same exercise across three days, their rate of repetitions was measured with a baseline non-specific instruction first and then they were given one of three goal-oriented instructions (in [...]

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How many reps???

By |2019-02-12T05:28:34+00:00March 19th, 2019|Practice Tips|

When attempting to learn a new skill, or improve an old one, people often ask – how much practice do I need to do in order to reach my goal? This very same question may be asked by a stroke survivor who wants improve their walking ability, or retrain the use of their arm, [...]

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Motivation in Rehabilitation

By |2019-02-12T05:27:00+00:00March 5th, 2019|Practice Tips|

In November 2018, the NSW Chapter of the Aust. Physio Assoc. Neurology Group ran a panel discussion about Motivation in Rehabilitation. To lead this discussion, we were joined by: Kath is a woman with cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia. She uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. In May 2016, Kathryn [...]

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Mental practice/imagery

By |2019-02-12T11:18:18+00:00February 16th, 2019|Practice Tips|

Here is a very good u-tube explanation and recording of mental practice for upper limb training. We use part of this recording in our workshops. This recording was recommended as a ‘good example’ for teaching stroke survivors ‘how to do’ mental practice by Dr Karen Liu at Western Sydney University; Karen who conducts research [...]

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