Getting and staying motivated in rehab

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Description: This StrokeEd panel discussion involves Brian Beh, Ben Schelfhaut, Julie Davey and Simone Dorsch. Brian, Julie and Ben are stroke survivors. Simone is a physiotherapist researcher and educator. The discussion targets therapists and stroke survivors, providing strategies to promote motivation during rehabilitation and beyond. Presented via Zoom [...]

Implementation of stroke circuit classes

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Description: This StrokeEd guest lecture in Nov 2022 described the implementation of stroke circuit groups in an outpatient rehabilitation setting. Zheng Cao explores strategies to increase intensity of practice in a group setting, enablers and barriers to the implementation process. She also describes the adaptation of face-to-face [...]

The why and how of electrical stimulation for the UL after stroke

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Description: This lecture provides a brief overview of the evidence for electrical stimulation in UL rehabilitation after stroke, and discusses features of successful intervention protocols. Common applications of electrical stimulation for the UL are described, with a guide to the choice of stimulation parameters. Strategies for increasing the [...]

Goal setting in rehabilitation

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Description: The presentation will outline an evidence-based conceptual framework for why clinicians use goal setting in rehabilitation, and how goal-setting contributes to enhancing client outcomes and autonomy. Available goal-setting frameworks will be analysed and discussed. Learning objectives: By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to: [...]

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