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Goal-oriented instructions

By |2019-04-23T12:34:14+00:00April 30th, 2019|Practice Tips|

This within participant repeated measures study examined the effect of using goal-oriented instructions compared to a non-specific baseline instruction in stroke survivors. The participants did the same exercise across three days, their rate of repetitions was measured with a baseline non-specific instruction first and then they were given one of three goal-oriented instructions (in [...]

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Intensive upper limb neurorehabilitation

By |2019-02-19T23:55:20+00:00April 16th, 2019|Journal reviews|

Ward, Brander, Kelly (online early, 2019). Intensive upper limb neurorehabilitation in chronic stroke: outcomes from the Queen Square programme. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry Nick Ward's team at Queen Square (London) have published outcomes of 224 stroke survivors attending their NHS UL rehabilitation programme (a 3-week day program, 90 hours total, up to [...]

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Running a successful journal club

By |2019-02-19T23:51:16+00:00April 9th, 2019|Journal reviews|

Wenke R, O’Shea K, Hilder J, Thomas R & Michakn S. (2019). Factors that influence the sustainability of structured allied health journal clubs: a qualitative study. BMC Medical Education, 19:6. Wenke R, Thomas R, Hughes I, & Mickan S. (2018). The effectiveness and feasibility of TREAT (tailoring research evidence and theory) journal clubs in [...]

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Practice without therapist supervision

By |2019-02-12T05:30:26+00:00April 2nd, 2019|Journal reviews|

Dorsch S, Weeks K, King L, & Polman E (2019). In inpatient rehabilitation, large amounts of practice can occur without therapist supervision: An observational study. Journal of Physiotherapy, 65(1), 23-27. This observational study is freely available online from the Journal of Physiotherapy, and describes a method of mapping what is occurring at any given [...]

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Environmental enrichment in acute stroke units

By |2019-02-12T05:29:21+00:00March 26th, 2019|Journal reviews|

Rosbergen ICM, Grimley RS, Hayward KS, Brauer SG (2019 online early). The impact of environmental enrichment in an acute stroke unit on how and when patients undertake activity. Clinical Rehabilitation. An important study just published in  Clinical Rehabilitation about the outcomes of an enriched acute stroke unit environment (eg Providing i-pads with therapy apps/ideas, [...]

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How many reps???

By |2019-02-12T05:28:34+00:00March 19th, 2019|Practice Tips|

When attempting to learn a new skill, or improve an old one, people often ask – how much practice do I need to do in order to reach my goal? This very same question may be asked by a stroke survivor who wants improve their walking ability, or retrain the use of their arm, [...]

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Progressive resistance training after Stroke

By |2019-02-12T05:27:50+00:00March 12th, 2019|Journal reviews|

Progressive resistance training after Stroke improves strength but not activity: a systematic review Background The disability caused by a stroke is most consistently associated with muscle weakness and decreased co-ordination. But of these impairments, muscle weakness is the largest cause of disability after stroke (Canning et al 2004) because if you can’t [...]

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Motivation in Rehabilitation

By |2019-02-12T05:27:00+00:00March 5th, 2019|Practice Tips|

In November 2018, the NSW Chapter of the Aust. Physio Assoc. Neurology Group ran a panel discussion about Motivation in Rehabilitation. To lead this discussion, we were joined by: Kath is a woman with cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia. She uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. In May 2016, Kathryn [...]

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Biomechanics of the Trunk

By |2019-03-04T20:47:18+00:00March 4th, 2019|Events|

A lecture and discussion Karl Schurr A review of biomechanics of the trunk with a discussion of the implications for assessment and training in stroke rehabilitation There is much debate about the role of the trunk muscles in sitting, standing and walking in people with Stroke and other neurological conditions. This lecture will [...]

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Increasing practice intensity

By |2019-02-12T05:25:55+00:00February 26th, 2019|Journal reviews|

Schneider Emma, Lannin Natasha A, & Ada Louise (2019 online early). A professional development program increased the intensity of practice undertaken in an inpatient upper limb rehabilitation class: A pre-post study. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal. If you have attended (or plan to attend) a StrokeEd upper limb retraining workshop, there is now preliminary evidence [...]

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