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This workshop provides information and evidence about optimal coaching, and opportunities to appraise and practice coaching skills.

Presenters: Karl Schurr (physiotherapist) & Dr Annie McCluskey (occupational therapist)

Target audience includes occupational therapist, physiotherapists, allied health assistants, rehabilitation nurses and exercise physiologists.

Overview: This workshop will summarise research about instructions, demonstration, goals, feedback and motivation. Video examples will include stroke survivors , older adults, people with intellectual disability and other cognitive impairments.

Learning objectives: By the end of the workshop, learners will be able to:

Discriminate between instructions, cues, goals and feedback

Use goal-oriented instructions to encourage and motivate learners

Provide critical and timely verbal feedback

Motivate people who have difficulty concentrating or dislike exercise

Adapt the environment and coaching strategies to enable high repetitions

Provide and receive peer review about coaching skills

Reflect on and improve their individual coaching skills

LINK: Find out more about our Coaching Workshops here

DOWNLOAD: Flier coaching workshop ONLINE 9 Feb 2021