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This workshop runs as 2×4 hour sessions on Tues 29th Nov and Tues 13th Dec 2022, 6pm-10pm Sydney time.

The workshop uses lectures, practical sessions and video case studies to provide clinicians with evidence-based training strategies for effective balance training with people of differing levels of disability, including older adults with falls risk, stroke survivors and people with TBI

Presenters: Simone Dorsch & Karl Schurr

Cost: $255.19 (AUD) incl GST and Eventbrite admin fee

Target Audience: Physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists working with people in inpatient settings or in the community who have balance impairments.

Learning objectives:

At the completion of the workshop participants should be able to:

1. Define balance, postural adjustments, kinematics, kinetics, task specificity.

2. Discuss research about the characteristics of postural adjustments i.e. timing, task specificity.

3. Describe changes that occur to postural adjustments with aging and neuropathology.

4. Describe the assessment and analysis of balance impairment.

5. Describe the risk factors and circumstances of falls.

6. Discuss the evidence for exercise interventions to improve balance and reduce falls.

7. Describe how to set up effective balance training for people with impaired balance.

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