Planning a 1000 REPS Workshop

This outline assists in the planning for an Evidence-based 1000 REPS workshop

This is a one-day workshop – usually run from 8.30am – 4.30pm.
The workshop can be run for up to 50 allied health staff and nursing staff.
The course can be run on a weekend or a weekday depending on availability or presenters.
The workshop is appropriate for any allied health staff and nurses working in rehabilitation. The majority of the examples and case studies used to illustrate the learning content are based on upper limb and lower limb practice.
The workshop can be conducted in education centre facilities or in a rehabilitation gymnasium [provided the room can be set up for Powerpoint presentations and darkened sufficiently for the slideshow to be easily visible during the day]. The content is lecture and small group work.
  1. Presenter Fees:
    Email StrokeEd for current workshop costs or a quote.
  2. Accommodation:
    One to two nights accommodation in a local hotel/motel or apartment with desk facilities for preparation, plus breakfast. To be paid in advance by organisers.
  3. Travel for presenter
    Airfares/flights or train travel should be costed and paid in advance by the organisers – to/from Sydney (within Australia) – economy class. Airport/railway transfers and to/from hotel to hospital venue (taxi fares/Cabcharge vouchers). To be arranged and paid for by organisers.
  4. Venue hire (if applicable)
  5. Catering
    Lunch, morning and afternoon teas for attending therapists and presenter
  6. Printing and postage of pre-reading and workshop manual.
    Workshop manuals (up to 70 pages) which include Powerpoint slides and worksheets will be sent to the course organisers two weeks prior to the workshop for printing. It is important the manuals are high quality prints to ensure that all photographs are clear.
  • A data projector. We will bring our own MAC computer and connector.
  • A white board and white board markers
Use the contact form on this website to make inquiries about planning your workshop