Planning a Coaching Workshop

This outline assists in the planning for an Evidence-based Coaching workshop for rehabilitation professionals.
Below you can find information for health services and organisations planning to host this 1-day coaching skills workshop.

Workshop Background

The coaching skills workshop was developed by the StrokeEd collaboration and taught for the first time in February 2020.

The workshop was developed to address an identified skills-gap identified by health professionals who teach stroke and brain injury survivors to regain / learn new skills. After teaching evidence-based workshops for many years, it became apparent that coaching skills were rarely targeted for peer review. This workshop will provide professionals with knowledge and current evidence about optimal coaching and the opportunity to objectively appraise and practise their coaching skills.

Key references and recommended pre-reading

  • Hillig, T., Ma, H., & Dorsch, S. (2019). Goal-oriented instructions increase the intensity of practice in stroke rehabilitation compared with non-specific instructions: A within-participant, repeated measures experimental study. Journal of Physiotherapy, 65(2), 95-98. https://doi:10.1016/j.jphys.2019.02.007.
  • Magill R & Anderson D (2017). Motor control and learning (11th ed). McGraw Hill: New York
This workshop is conducted over 1-day, typically with one or two presenters.
Suggested time: 08.30-16.30
Up of 30 registrants.

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, allied health assistants and exercise physiologists.

Education facilities with data projector.
The presenter(s) will bring a Mac laptop computer and adaptors for HDMI or VGA cables.
White board and white board markers.
Teaching space where participants can work in pairs or small groups.
No patient participants are involved.

  1. Presenter Fees (1-day, 08.30-16.30): Email StrokeEd for current workshop costs or a quote.
  2. Accommodation: 1 or 2 nights in a local hotel/apartment, to be paid in advance by organisers.
  3. Travel: Airfares /flights should be paid in advance by organisers (if relevant/required). Airport /venue transfers to be arranged and costed by organisers. Usually there are no travel costs in Sydney.
  4. Professional registration fees and visas (if required) overseas
  5. Venue hire (if applicable)
  6. Catering –including lunch, for up to 30 professionals
  7. Pre-reading and workshop handouts
    • Pre-reading materials/homework: This will be available via the StrokeEd website. No printing costs for pre-reading.
    • Workshop handout – A PDF file will be provided to organisers via the StrokeEd website (accessed by a password), which can be printed or a link provided to therapists who can save the file to their i-pad/tablet/laptop. Organisers can offer registrants both options. Printing workshop handouts will involve a cost to organisers.
  • Data projector (we use our Mac laptop)
  • White board
StrokeEd presenters have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, enabling them to work in most clinical settings internationally.
Registration in overseas countries may or may not be required.
StrokeEd presenters are registered with AHPRA in Australia and HCPC in UK.
Use the contact form on this website to make inquiries about planning your workshop