The Balance Workshop (F2F) – Manchester, England

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The balance workshop aims to assist clinicians to develop evidence-based solutions for people with balance difficulties.

Target audience: Physiotherapists and occupational therapists and exercise physiologists who are working with older people and/or people with neurological conditions, in inpatient, outpatient or community settings and in private or public settings

Presenters – Karl Schurr & Dr. Simone Dorsch

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Day one:

Topics – Introduction- Postural adjustments research -Anticipatory/ ongoing postural adjustments -Clinical implications – Discussion -Assessment of balance -Video analysis -Effective training -Analysis and training with patients – Clinical session 1 -Discussion of clinical session

Day Two

Topics – Effect of ageing on postural adjustments, Effect of neuropathology on postural adjustments – Falls – Risk factors, circumstances – Intervention – effective trials, dosage, environment setup – Intervention – challenging balance – Practical session – Analysis and training with patients – Clinical session 2 – Discussion of clinical session and goal setting

Learning objectives: Participants will learn how to:

  • Define balance, postural adjustments, kinematics, kinetics, task specificity
  • Discuss research about the characteristics of postural adjustments i.e. timing, task specificity
  • Describe changes that occur to postural adjustments with aging and neuropathology
  • Describe the assessment and analysis of balance impairment
  • Describe the risk factors and circumstances of falls
  • Discuss the evidence for exercise interventions to improve balance and reduce falls
  • Demonstrate how to to set up effective balance training for people with impaired balance
  • Plan a group class that challenges balance and provides a high intensity of practice

Pre-requisites: None. Suitable for students and recent graduates through to experienced clinicians.

Pre-reading & homework: Therapists are asked to start preparing 4-6 weeks before the event. Allow several hours for the homework particularly if English is not your primary language. Pre-reading includes journal articles and completing analysis tasks.

Workshop manual including PowerPoint slides and worksheets will be provided in both electronic and hard (printed) copy.

Venue: To be advised:

Registration fee: To be advised

Contact person for enquiries and registration:  Hannah Jones (Email: 

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