Wenke R, O’Shea K, Hilder J, Thomas R & Michakn S. (2019). Factors that influence the sustainability of structured allied health journal clubs: a qualitative study. BMC Medical Education, 19:6.

Wenke R, Thomas R, Hughes I, & Mickan S. (2018). The effectiveness and feasibility of TREAT (tailoring research evidence and theory) journal clubs in allied health: A randomised controlled trial. BMC Medical Education. 18:104.

If you run or participate in a journal club, you might be interested in reading some research about how to run a successful journal club. Rachel Wenke, Sharon Mickan and team at the Gold Coast, QLD Austrlia have conducted an RCT about this topic, then interviewed allied health professionals 6 months after the RCT concluded to explore sustainability.

Very useful summary of ‘how to’ run an evidence-based journal club (incl use of structured appraisal tools, circulating article for discussion, predictable attendance, …and food being provided!), what helps keep them going or enables journal clubs (EBP experience within your team, leadership culture that values EBP) or can become barriers (competing demands deprioritise journal clubs, staffing changes, lack of confidence and capability).