This is the second of a three-part blog series on semi-supervised practice. This blog will describe how to adapt the physical environment of a gym to make setting up semi-supervised easier. The third blog in this series will describe how to use equipment to increase the safety and effectiveness of semi-supervised practice.

To enable semi-supervised practice to be set up efficiently and safely, use the following strategies:

  • Arrange plinths next to walls so that patients can practise next to a wall for added safety.
  • Arrange the gym area so that small groups of patients can practise together while being supervised by one therapist, (i.e. place two plinths close together to allow several patients to practise in close proximity, with one therapist supervising several patients at the same time).
  • Arrange all equipment needed for the practice set-up (i.e. blocks, tape, tables) in a convenient place (i.e. shelves in the centre of the gym)
Physical Environment of the Gym

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The diagram at left is an appendix to a paper on semi-supervised practice which can be found at: