Kate has been busy recently developing a number of online resource packages. These include resources for both stroke survivors and therapists!

There are currently two research projects being conducted about these programs.

  • TRAIN is being investigated by a survey pre and post program completion and
  • TASK is being investigated in a feasibility study.

We hope to have results by the end of 2019.

Here is a detailed list of these resources:

  • The REPS Recovery Exercises app has now been released. This app contains two video-guided exercise programs for stroke survivors. PUSH a program for weak arms and TASK a task specific training program. It can be freely downloaded here

  • One of the programs for stroke survivors within the REPS app, TASK, is also available via its website. This program contains video-guided exercises including sitting, standing up and standing. The videos can be found here

  • Therapists may also be interested in the TRAIN modules. These look at the details in setting up task-specific training. There are five modules covering how to effectively train seated reach, standing up, standing and walking. They can be found here