Presenter fees for 2022 (including online Zoom workshops):

3-day workshop (UL and LL) = $4,500 per presenter (plus 10% GST). All 3-day workshops involve two presenters. Not offered via Zoom.

2-day workshop (balance) = $3,500 per presenter (plus 10% GST). Usually a 2-day workshop will involve two presenters. Not offered via Zoom.

1-day workshop (1000 reps & coaching skills, including online via Zoom). = $2,000 per presenter (plus 10% GST). Some workshops involve more than one presenter.

Organisers from low-income countries are encouraged to contact us and discuss reduced fees if necessary, to enable a workshop to be offered in their country.

Accommodation and travel (airfare and taxi/car rental) costs need to be budgeted for venues outside Sydney (there are usually minimal travel costs in Sydney, such as taxi fares or car rental).

Air or train travel arrangements are usually booked and paid for by local organisers for non-Sydney workshops.

Other costs to include in the budget: printing of the workshop manuals (some therapists prefer a digital copy which can reduce costs), catering, venue rental, gifts for stroke survivors who participate in the workshop.