Author: The StrokeEd Collaboration

Duration: 1.22.27

Presenters: Stephanie Ho, Brain Beh and Simone Dorsch

Stephanie Ho: After surviving a severe stroke at 22 years of age, Stephanie has committed her life to improving the healthcare system and easing the burden for other survivors. She currently serves as an Executive Board Member for NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation and is a regular keynote speaker on the topic of stroke and the impact of rehabilitation from a consumer perspective. Stephanie was awarded for her work in 2019 by the National Stroke Foundation.

Brian Beh: Brian sustained a stroke at 68 years old in 2016. Initially after his stroke, he had 0/5 strength in right side, weakness on the right side of his face and a feeding tube in his right nostril. Seven years on he has integrated rehab into his daily life, walks between 12-15 kms a day, 7 days a week and has regained partial use of his right arm and hand. Brian is heavily engaged in stroke advocacy and participates in numerous research projects, webinars and other stroke related activities.

Description: This lecture aims to give stroke survivors and their families a clear understanding of neuroplasticity and how to apply the principles of neuroplasticity to stroke rehabilitation. We will discuss the research on neuroplasticity and what this research means for getting the best results in your rehabilitation.